New work/ Opera ~ 75 min                                      

TBA – on the texts of Friederike Mayröcker                                  

premiere: TBA, Austria




New work for Orchestra and voice                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          TBA-

New Work for Flute d’amoure, voice, harp~ 12 min                                                                                                                                                                                                                       commissioned by Ginevra Petrucci                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Premiere: Winter 2021

New Work for String Quartet ~ 15 min                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  commissioned by Mivos Quartet                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          premiere: TBA, USA



New work  for Bassoon and Electronics, ~ 16 min

commissioned by Rebekah Heller

premiere: NYC,USA 

New Work, in support of Climate change (Ensemble and electronics) ~ 12 min

commissioned by Naeim Rahmani

premiere: October 2020, Seattle, USA



New work (Trombone, English horn, Violin, Electronics, Video) ~ 15min

In collaboration with Oceanography department at UCSD

premiere: May, San Diego, USA

New Orchestra piece* for La Jolla Symphony Orchestra ~ 14 min

commissioned by Steven Schick

premiere: February San Diego, USA



The Matter of Time- Within Hadal & Epi (Fl, Kl, Sax, Pn, Perc, , Vl, Vc, Db) ~ 14 min                                  

commissioned by Siemens foundation, 5th anniversary of Schallfeld’s ensemble                                               

premiere: November 2018, Graz, Austria 

STIMULUS (solo Flute & Electronics) ~ 30 min                                    

commissioned by Ine Vanoeveren                                                

premiere: July 2018, Darmstadt Ferienkurse, Germany 

Intertwined Distances (solo Harpsichord & Electronics) ~ 14 min                                                                                                                                                                                                     commissioned by Mahan Esfahani                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         premiere: March 2018, Madrid, Spain

… within the shifting grounds …(Symphony Orchestra and soloists) ~ 13 min                                                                                                                                                                         commissioned by San Fransisco Youth Symphony Orchestra & International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE)                                                                                                                                                      premiere: March 2018, San Fransisco, USA


New work for Klangforum Quartet (Vla, Sax, Acc, Db) ~ 10-12 min
Commissioned by Open music
premiere : November, 2017, Graz, Austria

Incipio, bibo ( For voice, Perc. Cl) ~ 13 min.
Commissioned by Offspring Ensemble
premiere: September 2017, Sydney, Australia

Seven Impressions (for voice and Percussion) ~ 10 min
Commissioned by Klangspuren Schwaz
premiere: September 2017, Klangspuren festival, Austria

Enigma patterns ( for Kl, Pn, Vl) ~ 7 min
Commissioned by Platypus Ensemble
premiere: June 2017, Wien, Austria

Togetherness (Vocal piece for 16 Voices/singers) ~ 9 min.
commissioned by New York Virtuoso singers.
premiere May 2017, New York, USA

Sirventès ( Duo, for Perc & Cello) ~ 10 min.
Commissioned by Ume Duo.
premiere: May 2017, Teheran, Iran.

Elixir (Night & Mystery) for trio Tuba, trombone and Bariton voice ~ 8 min.
Commissioned by Jonathan Nussman
premiere: March 2017, San Diego

No, I am not roaming aimlessly (for Solo Flute) ~ 10 min.
Commissioned by Ine Vanoeveren
Premiere: January 2017, San Diego, New York

Cordatum ( Ensemble ) companion piece to Octandre/ Varese
Commission by Reed Family concert series / Steven Schick
Premiere: February 2017, San Diego


Vocal piece for 14 Voices/singers, 1 Persian Instrument and Electronics ~ 8 min
commissioned by ACIMC. 1695 Project
premiere: December 2016, Iran, Shiraz

Situation I / Incidents (Ten sax, Acc, Pn, Vc, Perc. Db) ~ 12 min
commissioned by Vertixe Sonora Ensemble
premiere: November 2016, Spain

Situation III / Je, Tu, Nous ( for percussion Trio) ~ 8 min
written for IRCAM Manifeste Academy 2016/ Percussion Ensemble ~ 8 min.
premiere: June 2016, Paris Manifeste

Situation II / Dialoge
for Schallfeld ensemble ( Fl, Cl, Sax, Vl, Vc, Db, Pn, & Objects) ~ 9 min
commissioned by Festival Tage neuer Musik Graz
premiere: May 2016, Graz
German Premiere: August 2016, Darmstadt

Situation IV / Io e iO (Solo Violin) ~ 11 min
commissioned by Marco Fusi
premiere: May 2016, Paris

Faab IV / a femme fatale ( revised version for Neuverband Ensemble)
for Flute, Clarinet, Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello. ~ 9 min.
Swiss premiere: March 2016 , Basel

Sketch II (Solo Kamancheh, Tape and live electronic) ~ 6 min
written for ICM conference, San Diego
premiere: February 2016, San Diego


Distorted Attitudes IV / Facile synthesis (String Quartet) ~ 7 min
Written for Quatour Diotima, Time of music festival
premiere: July 2015, Time of music festival, Finland

Moving Surfaces II (Flute, clarinette, piano, violine, Cello and Double bass and 2 percussions) ~ 10 min
written for Calithumpian consort
premiere: October 2015, San Diego, USA

Moving Surfaces III / Another birth (piano, Tenor Sax, and Perc.) ~ 15 min
Commissioned by Tamgram trio
premiere: November 2015, Spain


Distorted Attitudes II / Labyrinth ( Flute, Sax, Bassoon, Violin, Cello, Double bass) ~ 7 min
Commissioned by die andere saite, written for Schallfeld ensemble
premiere: March 2014, Graz, Austria

Faab IV / a femme fatale (Flute, Clarinet, Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello) ~ 7 min.
Commissioned by Schallfeld Ensemble
premiere: June 2014, Graz, Austria

Distorted Attitudes III/ Scattered (for baritone and a large tam-tam) ~ 12 min
premiere: January 2015, San Diego, USA


FAAB I (Miniature piece/ for Sopran & Bariton) ~ 2 min
commissioned by Schoenberg center vienna.
premiere: March 2013, Vienna, Austria

Distorted Attitudes I (Flute, Clarinette, Piano, Violine, Cello and Contrabass.) ~ 30 sec.
written for dissonArt Ensemble, for 48th Dimitria festival
premiere: fall 2013, 48th Dimitria festival, Thessaloniki, Greece

FAAB III, Re-route (5 dancers ,bass flute, tape and live electronics). ~ 8 min.
premiere: December 2013, Graz


Sama’ (Duduk, Panflute, Erhu, Viola da gamba, Double bass, Perc., Qanun, M.Soprano and Bariton) ~ 8 min
commissioned by Ensemble Zerafin.
premiere: Amsterdam Tillburg, Alkmaar, Eindhoven and Den Haag, Netherlands

Zavaya (Nay, violine, viola, cello, Chang and Percussion) ~ 12 min
commissioned by Ensemble Omnibus, TIMPF ( Tongyoung music festival in Korea)
premiere: Korea, Kazachszan, Uzbakistan

Paso a Paso (Petzold block flute, Pan flute, Viola, Accordion, Percussion) ~ 7:30 min
commissioned by Ensemble Black pencil.
premiere: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Sketch (Solo Setar, Tape and live electronic) ~ 4:30 min
premiere: Matrix 2012, Atlas academy & Experimental studio des SWR Freiburg, Amsterdam

Ahou ( Pan flute, Guitarre, Harp, Mezzo Sopran) ~ 4 min
Commissioned by Duo Verso & Duo Bilitis, Grachten Festival & Amnesty House Amsterdam
premiere: Amsterdam, Den Haag, Netherlands


Safar I (solo cello and 3 instruments – Flute, Harp, Accordion) ~ 6 min.
premiere : January 2011, Graz

Reporterlied (four men voice and Accordion) ~ 8 min
commissioned by Kunst Uni Graz, for “Die letzten tage der Menschheit, Alice Schalek Theater
premiere: 2011, Graz, Austria

Schattenfragmente ( solo Accordion) ~ 12 min.
premiere: Austria, Irland, Netherlands, Germany

Safar II (Shakuhachi, Pan flute, Erhu, Pipa and Percussion) ~ 5:30
premiere: summer 2011, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Stagnant color Palette (solo Harp) ~ 8 min
premiere: 2011, Den Haag, Netherlands

Dropping furniture ( music for film- 4 channel tape). ~ 4:30
premiere: 2011, Graz, Austria