Situation I – Incidents

Situation II / Dialoge [w/ score]

Situation III / Je, Tu, Nous [w/ score]

Distorted Attitudes III – Scattered

Sketch I – for Setar

Love is Essential – by Anahita Abbasi and Ine Vanoeveren

Hybrid miniature piece composed during COVID-19 lockdown. Many people are scared, struggling with this lockdown and social distancing or - which is worse - ignoring the necessary measures to defeat this virus. We made a contemporary artwork for everyone who needs extra love and extra art - but with an important message! As close friends, we have collaborated together since the day we met. We were supposed to work together in real life at this moment, but the Corona crisis interfered. To feel better, we stuck to our creative promise, but we made it a virtual one. Although the piece is originally written for flute, it is adaptable to any instrument and voice type. Therefore, we challenge all musicians to record their own version of this miniature piece (be creative!). Publish it on your social media and use the hashtags #loveisessential #lockdownpiece #miniaturechallenge #contemporarymusicchallenge

Situation II- Dialoge

Mahan Esfahani — Anahita Abbasi, San Diego Sessions

Intertwined Distances (2018) for Mahan Esfahani

why the trees were murmuring – La Jolla Symphony and Chorus

Faab IV – A femme Fatale

Distorted Attitudes IV– Facile Synthesis (2015)

No I am not roaming aimlessly (2017) for Ine Vanoeveren

Sketch II – for Kamancheh

Zavaya for Ensemble Omnibus

Seven Impressions (2017)